Reasons you should be purchasing your new home now!

1.  Housing Market is Stable again Wisconsin has shown double digit gains in sales for 19 months straight per WRA statistics. Even the average sale price has been making small steady increases. 2.  Lumber prices are climbing out of control.   Prices on OSB have shot through the roof (literally) One look at this chart … Continue reading

Ways smart phones have changed the Real Estate Industry

    These days more and more people are utilizing their smart phones for their everyday life it is not uncommon to see someone hunched over their phone looking into someting.  They probably are not playing angry birds all the time.  How has this affected the Real Estate Industry?  Well, there is much more than … Continue reading

Now is a good time to build or buy a home

I was asked by a reporter the other day why now is a good time to build a new home.  I started to ramble on but this is my list I came up with and thought it was a great idea to share in our next blog entry. 1.   Low Prices on Construction Labor … Continue reading