Numbers Don’t Lie

May 3rd, 2012  David Belman, Governor Walker                           April 25th, 2012  David Belman, Senator Alberta Darling, John Stoker

I had the distinct privilege of being able to meet some very influential political figures over the past few months and while I don’t want to turn this into a large political debate I do want to provide some very stunning facts about our local and national economy and how it pertains to the home building business.     As I mentioned above I was able to personally speak with Senator Alberta Darling, Governor Scott Walker, and hear Congressman Paul Ryan and former Governor Tommy Thompson speak before the Metropolitan Builders Association and Wisconsin Builders Association respectively.  They are all deeply concerned and understand how the Home Building Industry is affected by the economy and the policies of the Federal and State government.  Here are some of the startling numbers that were brought up during their presentations that I think you might find interesting.

National Perspective:
•From 1776 -1992 The Federal Government accumulated 3 trillion in total debt.  The last three years we accumulated the same amount of debt!  It took only 3 years to spend what we did in 216 years!
•It has been over 1095 days and counting without an approved Federal Budget.
*The average International tax rate is 25% for individuals.  The United States is 35%.  In the next two years it will balloon to 44% without any changes.  
•The “Buffet Rule” change would only fund our government for 25 days if collected over the next 10 years.  Hardly any impact whatsoever.
•There are currently stacks of House Bills drafted that are not being acted upon by either the Senate or the President due to partisanship and politics.    
•40% of our GDP goes to pay for Government run programs.  50% is where most socialist economies are.
•The Federal Government is borrowing 38 cents of every dollar.  Try running your business that way and see how long you stay in business!  

State Perspective:
•In 2009 Wisconsin was the 41st best State to conduct business in.
•In 2011 Wisconsin became the 24th best State to do business in.  Moving up 17 spots, the largest jump in history for one year.
•In 2012 Wisconsin became the 20th best State to do business in.   From 2008 to 2010 Wisconsin lost 150,000 jobs.
•So far in 2012 15,000 new jobs were created.  (update now it is up to 22,000 as of 5/16/12)
•Wisconsin posted the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 this year at around 6%   Property taxes went up 43% under the Doyle Administration.  2011 is the first year they went down.
•In a recent housing study it was determined that it is now cheaper to buy a new home than rent  
•Legislation passed in the State of Wisconsin the past year and a half saved the Wisconsin $400,000,000.

Since Governor Walker took office the following have been accomplished:
•Balanced State Budget –  How long has that been since that happened?
•Freeze on Property Tax Increases
•Prevailing Wage tax eliminated
•Farmland Conversion fee eliminated
•Stopped expensive code changes for over $1000 of cost
•Passed Tort reform

These are all very interesting discussion points for you when you are talking with your friends and family, or maybe former friends and family if you have different points of view.  Feel free to share these and remember to make your voice heard with your local politicians and make sure to get out and vote!

I’ll try to keep this updated with other facts and figures I get over the next few weeks.  


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