Hot Products and Trends from 2012 International Builders Show

I just returned from the 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando.  Here are some of the trends and cool products that I found at the show this year.

First off there seems to be a push towards giving back.  There was lots of emphasis on Homes for Troops, Habitat for Humanity, and Made in the USA which is all very cool to see and should make for some good feel good stories on housing.  There is also some new manufacturer rebate programs for builders which are a nice way to of set some of the costs and allow them to put in better product or reward them for staying loyal to a particular brand.  Smart marketing these days.  

It was also quite noticible that we move away from the grand into more of the functional.  You could see this in a lot of the booths this year starting with Kohler.  Gone were the shows with dancing girls and instead a pratical product demonstration.  This carried through in their product lines as well.  You can see more streamlined and simple offerings that look nice but come in at a better price tag.  

Cool Products:
Now some of these products are not for everyone but at IBS is sometimes it’s all about what you can do and not always about what the mass market will buy.

Fireplaces:The traditional 36″ fireplace is no longer your only option.  If you want some unique eye appeal in your home try a rectangualr fireplace or this amazing round unit.  But hold on to your pocket book.  At over $5000 a piece you may choose to stick with the classic after all.

Smart Phone Intergration:
With just about everyone using an I-Phone or some sort of Android type smart phone these days product manufacturers are now adding capeabilities to their products.  Open your front door locksets, your garage door, control your outdoor lighting and even play music on your toilet (more on that later)  there is an app that you can control with your phone.  Makes you wonder how you would get by if you lost for phone for the day! Of course you will need the newest product not just the app to do these things but still gives people a reason to upgrade.  
Things you should care about but probably don’t:

Broan introduced their Ultra Series vent fan.  Big deal right?  Well you should care.  This fan is so quiet you can barely hear it run.  On top of that it blows the competition out of the water on energy efficiency using only 5.8 watts of electric vs. over 50 watts by the competition.  Considering you should run these fans for 20 minutes after a bath or shower the savings can really adds up.  As if that wasn’t enough they install faster with an adjustable track, and look better with a trim kit that hides the inside componets.  Maybe now you do care!

Smart Outlets:

Remember how we talked about what a game changer Smart Phones are?  Well check out this new outlet that you can plug your smart phone directly into to charge.  Why add more outlets when you can utilize the ones you have!

Hot Colors:
The new theme for colors for 2012 feature a shift away from the britgher hues into a more somber color palette.  The following colors are antcipated to be among the more popular as determined by Sherwin Williams Designers.

Hopsack-Peppercorn-Urban Putty-Rice Grain-Upward-Rice Paddy- As well as a few others not shown.  Stop by our office to see the full line for 2012.

Lastly the award for the coolest most interesting product at the show goes to Kohler for the Nu Mi toilet

Shaped like an ultra modern box this toilet goes far and beyond what you would expect. Not only does this toilet have your necessary heated seat but it also offers the following:
•A full remote control to create your personal settings
•I-Pod integration so you can go to your favorite tunes
•A setting for it to lightly clean the bowl before you approach (AKA a courtesy flush)
•A slick sensor on the side of the toilet to determine if a male or female is using it to automaticly open and close the lid
•An electronic telescoping bidet that offers both a male spray (one wash) and a female spray (two washes)
•Auto closing lid and seat (guys you can finally get away with leaving the seat up!)

At a staggering cost of $6390 it is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

Well thats the latest and greatest from IBS I hope you enjoyed reading our blog.  Until next time!



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