Ways smart phones have changed the Real Estate Industry

    These days more and more people are utilizing their smart phones for their everyday life it is not uncommon to see someone hunched over their phone looking into someting.  They probably are not playing angry birds all the time.  How has this affected the Real Estate Industry?  Well, there is much more than just the obvious benefits of being able to check your email on the fly, sending a text messages to your client if you are running a few minutes late.  The world of apps has really delivered a lot of powerful information into your hands that you can utilize both as an agent and as a client to assist you with buying a home.  Here are some of the different things you can do with your mobile devices.   

1.     Open House apps

-You can brose REALTOR, Truila, or Zillow app on your phone and find open houses in that area.  It will give you a nice map to find the home and also the open house hours that you can visit.  You can practically plan out your whole day with this.  Belman Homes makes sure to put thier listings on this site and keeps their open models up to date.  Be warned though, not every property that is open is listed through these apps so you may still want to bring that newspaper along for the ride.  

2.     QR codes

-Agents are putting specific codes on their listings that will direct you to the specific information on your home.  These can also be placed by new products in the home to provide consumers with more information on line with a quick click.   

3.     Color Snap

-Get the Color snap app by Sherwin Williams and snap and save the colors you most like on homes you for when you re-paint or build your new home.  You can bring your saved colors into the store for an easy way to pick out your next wall color.  

4.     Real Estate Apps

-Real Estate Apps such as Truila, Homes.com, New Home Source, and Zillow also offer you the ability to search based on your current location and your pre-determined price range.  By touching little flags on your screen you bring up all sorts of properties available, prices, and detailed information that is posted up on those sites.  

5.     What’s that Payment again?

-Quickly figure out your mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance with an app on your phone so you know right away if you can afford the home or not.  

6.     Sex offenders

-I am not kidding they actually have an app that identifies nearby convicted sex offenders.  It shows where they live and even provides a mug shot so you can identify them walking down the street.  It’s scary and it is also no laughing matter.

7.     Who needs a check?

– Collect a payment right from your smart phone or Pad on service work or put a deposit down with your sales rep.   

8.     Feng Shui

-Use an app to find your best direction to face for both prosperity and success.  This app will assist you with placing your furniture in your home and orientating things to improve your energy and flow.  

9.     Design and Decorate

-The Dream Home app gives you ideas and inspiration for decorating your home.  You can even upload your own pictures to play with.  

10.  Calculate on the Go

-There are apps to help assist with calculating geometry, volume, weights, and loads to assist a contractor working on your home.    

11.  Realty Companies    

-Larger Real Estate Firms are developing their own apps to showcase their listings and make it easier for their buyers to find their ideal property.    This is also a nice valued added feature for their listing clients and becomes a way to differentiate your business.

12.  Renters not ignored

-Need a place to stay for a while before you find your dream home?  Get the apartment app from rent.com to surf pictures, rent per month, amenities and more.   

13.  Parade of Homes

-Some local home associations have even taken mobile with their parade of homes posting homes, maps, builder’s models, and photos on an easy access app.  

14.  Can I  see that again?

-Agents and contractors can also load their inventory on a tablet and set it up during showings for customers to browse their work. 

15.  I have the power!

-One of the very coolest and techy uses of your mobile phone is in the home electronics department.  For example Control 4 allows you to integrate your remote controls with your smart phones so once you have the app you can control your TV, video, lighting, thermostats and more right from you mobile device whether you are at your home or not.   We displayed this system in our 2011 Parade of Homes model the Tuscany.


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