Focus on Energy Certification Changes

Focus on energy logo

I was just informed at our Metropolitan Builders Association Green Council Meeting on 11/8/11 that the Focus on Energy new home certification program that is currently in effect and used by many Wisconsin area builders is going through yet another change for next year.  According to Kevin Hogan of Focus on Energy and WEC the programs current provider, the programs Administration and Implementation of the program have both been sent out to bid and WEC will no longer be running the Administration portion of the program.  They are still waiting to hear if they are in the running to continue with the implementation of the program.  

How does this affect new home certification?

•Any builders who are applying for rebates under the Focus on Energy program must have their paperwork in by January 30th 2012.  

•Any homes in process that are to be certified must be completed by March 31st 2012 tto receive the certification.

The new Administrator of the program will be Shaw Envionmental and the implementor portion is still up for bid.  There will be a program going forward but until the other portion of that equation is figured out we have no idea what possible changes could be made.  This could mean different criteria for homes and testing, different rebate structures, and possibly a reduction in emphasis on education.  

Belman Homes will continue to monitor this development and update this blog with more information as it comes available.  We remain committed to offering independant third party testing and verification on all of our energy efficient homes in Wisconsin.   



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