Top Tech finds in our Parade Model

This is the first entry in a series about some of the cool new features you will find in Belman Homes Tuscany model as part of the  2011 Metropolitan Builders Association Parade of Homes.  In this section we will be discussing some of the exciting technology you will want to explore in our home.  Some things are new things and others you might have seen before but this technology will make your life around your home more enjoyable, convenient, and healthy too!


(Tuscany Model by Belman Homes)

1.  Kohler Digital Shower

Imagine hopping into your shower in the morning, hitting a button and having a customized experience.  Pick from multiple shower heads, set the temperature of your water and go!  Each family member can have their own settings too.  This is a must see!

2.  Broan LunAura Fans

What is so cool about a bath fan?  Well this LunAura fan is very cool.  First it operates at .3 scones which is barely audiable.  Second, it works as a ceiling light.  Big deal.  Third it is a LED nightlight that bathes your bathroom in a blue tone scientificly designed not to stimulate you and wake you up in the evening.   How cool is that?

3.  Velux No Leak Electric Skylights

Velux has created the “No Leak” skylight.  We feature 2 electronic operating attic skylights.  With the simple push of a remote you can open your skylight, and lift your internal blinds.  If rain comes while you are away it senses it and automaticly shuts the skylight.  

4.  Whole House Audio

Turn on audio in your home from a touch of a button.  Easily control the volume, the station, and the source.  Plug in your i-pod, hit your play list and away you go!  This is great for mood music or if you are having a party.  You can also hook up  your DVD player, TV, or any other media you want to hear from.

5.  Home Theater

With a touch of one button you can activate your theater system.  Sit back and watch your blueray movie on a projection screen with full 5.1 surround sound.  

6.  Kinetico Non-Electric Water Softener

This is an amazing water treatment device.  It runs on only 14 lbs of salt and uses no electricity.  Best of all it runs on demand so that you are not wasting water during pre-timed cycles and give you superior water treatment.

7.  Sun Tunnel

Take a dark room and make it bright.  There is no greener way to light your home.  I kid you not, everyone that leaves the bathroom thinks they left the light on!

8.  Lennox HRV

With new homes being constructed more and more air-tight, fresh quality air in your home is a concern.  Poor air quality can lead to you getting sick and long term health risks.  Bring in a constant supply of fresh air into your home without losing the energy efficiency of  your heating and coolings system. It is another great way to incorporate green building in your home.  

Thanks for viewing and check back in a few days for our next feature about the unique craftsmenship that went into our model.



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