Energy Certified Homes Really Do Save Money

As you might or might not know, Belman Homes has independent energy verification and inspections on all our new homes. I just got our third party report on our Charleston model built at Deer Trails subdivision in Waukesha and was amazed at how much more efficient certified new homes are! From our written report our home uses 36% less heat and 31% less cooling than a standard code built new home.

On a typical year, our homeowner will save $756 on utilities for heating, cooling lights, and water heating than a standard code built home. Thats $63 a month! Enough to pay for couple bags of groceries, cable tv, or fill your car up with gas. (Well maybe not the last one if you have a SUV.) That information just amazes me. Why wouldn’t you choose an Energy Star or Focus on Energy Certified new home?

If you would like to find out more about saving money with a energy certified new home, send me an email ( I would be glad to share the full report.
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