Late Summer Flurry of New Home Sales

As slow as the Real Estate market was in Southeastern Wisconsin after the expiration of the tax credits and amid economic woes, a recent flurry of home sales late summer has local home builders optimistic. Belman Homes of Waukesha recently sold 2 new scattered site building jobs, a model home, closed and sold two condominiums all in about 5 weeks time. David Belman of Belman Homes in Waukesha states “It’s as busy as we have been in awhile. Model traffic has increased, and certainly these super low interest rates are attracting buyers.” He also added “It’s exciting to see activity on all our products across the board, and I am especially glad to be able to put our contractors back to work.”

The question becomes; is this small spike in sales temporary, or will it sustain itself into next year? Belman is not the only builder that has picked up in the past few weeks. The Metropolitan Builders Association’s Parade of Homes has posted excellent attendance at all three sites. With over 15,000 visitors prior to Labor day weekend, the busiest weekend of the event, the Parade of Homes is already a tremendous success. To bolster that news, reports are out that 3 of the Parade Models are already sold. That kind of new is certainly an encouraging sign that the housing market is coming back.
Belman Homes

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