Interest Rates Lowest in 50 Years

Mortgage interest rates are the lowest they have been in over 50 years!  Link On top of that, home sales rose 7.6% in April.  Is the housing market finally awakening?  We will see.  Regardless, now is the time to make that purchase!  One of my lenders is offering 3.875% to 3.99% on a construction loan with a 5 year lock.   WOW!  Check first with a lender before you get too far, however.  Even though rates are low, getting approvals are tougher than ever due to banks tightening requirements.  If you have kept your finances in order you should be in good shape to take advantage of the cheap financing and get a good deal on your purchase as well.

One Response to “Interest Rates Lowest in 50 Years”
  1. Reid Golden says:

    If only more people would hear this!

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