Spring Home Tips

Spring is here.  Thankfully much earlier than in years past!   Now is the perfect time to focus on a few items homeowner maintenance items on your home that can save you some misery later on.

  • 1.  Walk around  your entire home and check the caulking.  You will probably notice a few spots where the caulk has shrunk or separated.  Now is a good time to fix it.  Especially look around the window trim.  The majority of leaks can first be solved with a little home owner maintenance.  Think of caulking like changing your oil on your car, it’s just something you need to do frequently.  With all the spring showers coming caulking is still the best defense against leaks. Besides, who wants to crawl up on a ladder in 90 degree heat?
  • 2.  Clean those gutters.  What?  I just did that last fall.  Well if you live in a wooded area many leaves like Oaks and Hickory trees lose their leaves late into the winter even after snowfalls.  You may find you have a new mess on you hands.
  • 3.  Double check those downspouts to make sure they are fastened on.  That heavy snow can disconnect them and they can blow away quickly with all the wind from the quick temperature changes.  We recommend having extensions at least 5′ from the foundation so all that water doesn’t go back into the basement.
  • 4.  Check your roof. If you had ice damns or scraped your roof over the winter they could be some damage that is visible.  Make sure you catch any and make the appropriate repair.
  • 5.  Furnace filter.  Change it every heating and cooling season.  A dirty filter is less efficient and will drive up your gas/electric costs.
  • 6.  Window Screens.  Look them over and fix any holes or tears.  Your going to want those windows open to enjoy those fresh spring breezes.  Also all those bugs are coming out  and looking for warm places so keep them out of your house where they belong.
  • 7.  Double check the grade and mulch around your home.  You may have some settling from the snow.  Fix any areas that have sunk to keep water directed away from the home.
  • 8.  Pop that glass storm door off.  Nothing can ruin a naturally stained front door faster than one that is trapped behind hot glass baked by sunlight all day.  Besides, you want that fresh air coming into your home right?

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