Newest Green Building Trends

Here is a great article on what is up and coming for Green Building.  It is a great idea to introduce measurable attributes into homes that both builders and buyers can track the performance of their home.  Much like the geothermal study Belman Homes did, the best way to truly understand and appreciate all the new technology out there is to track it and show actual results.  Window stickers showing performance of the green features is a great idea to provide consumers the information they need.  Net zero houses give home owners the peace of mind that future rising utility costs will not haunt them.  Water conservation need are surely going to rise as the quality and supply in our areas dwindle.

I disagree with the notion that Banks and Lenders are buying into green features in a home.  To this point we have seen little to no value adjustments for green and sustainable features on homes.  Part of this is a function of the appraisal process.  There simply are not comparables for all the new green amenities.  Since appraisers are so set on only what the comparables say the current process is flawed.  Appraisers are not given the leeway to use actual or projected savings in their valuation process.  Hopefully over time this will change as green features and certifications work their way into our Metro Milwaukee MLS system, something Metropolitan Builders Association’s Green Council have been working on.  Still it is going to take time to build those comparables and see if ultimately the consumer is willing to pay for these features.  Until this process is fixed it will restrict many of the green home building technologies and features to a select group of highly qualified buyers.


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